Reflection: Prompt #6

Has the Course lived up to your expectation?

The answer to the above question is both, a Yes and No. Yes, because the course constructively demonstrated the basics of sound and image, it helped in developing a routine in practicing the various disciplines of filmmaking. However, what it did not do was give us the whole scope of how things really work, or how things are really made to work. Admittedly, since this course is called ‘Sound and Image’ it did introduce concepts of how both elements can be conceived and interpreted to create an engaging piece of audio-visual story, but it failed to do anything more. Mostly because we were getting introduced to the various facets of ‘Sound and Image’ without even engaging and studying one of them extensively to gain a better hold and understanding.

Also, the goals and desires I had mentioned in my earlier blog were kind of satiated. While I did pick up on rudimentary production skills. What this course did not enable me (or us when we were working as a group) was focussing on planning for production and post-production. The importance of a pre-production process seemed to have not featured much throughout and as a result it did have some bearing on how we went about achieving our ‘Sound and Image’ in various projects. That said, this course was pretty comprehensive in getting us to work across different film forms like: Interviews, Fiction and Documentary. This made the learning interesting and enjoyable.

Did the course deliver what you expected?

Again, I’m going with a 50-50 here, because, while working in groups on different projects really helped me learn about production workflow and group-dynamics, I would have really liked a more insightful reading and study into the various film forms we were dabbling with.

The lectures could have been a bit more intensive and could have engaged us with in-depth analysis of the role of a cinematographer or on-location sound on the various film forms, as opposed to a basic list of rules and responsibilities and basic setup etiquette. Also, clarity in terms of how we need to prepare for each kind of production was covered in a shallow manner. While I know the best learning happens when we toy around with the tools and the process ourselves, helping us with a more in-depth perspective of how to plan and account for mishaps could have been factored in through this course.

Did the course Surpass my expectations?

Not really. Overall, the course really helped in bringing together the class and getting us to understand each other’s basic strengths and weaknesses, it did not necessarily help us in understanding the real process that one has to follow in order to plan and execute a shoot. Given that this is a Masters course, this module can be a bit more intensive in the way in which it inspires the student’s interest in studying the various roles that they might be interested in while working on different film forms.

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