Forbidden Lies: Prompt #3

Deconstructing the Sound

The three and half a minute clip from ‘Forbidden Lies’ comes with a range of complex sounds that are layered with one and another. This blog aims at deconstructing the sound in detail in terms of how they have been sourced/recorded and layered to suit the edit.

Sourced or Recorded?

Most of the sounds seem to have been recorded either in a studio with a foley artist or on location with a sound equipment. However, one gets the feeling that there is a considerable amount of sound in the design that seem to have been sourced from existing internet platforms.

Here is a list of sounds that might have been sourced and their corresponding time of occurrence in the video:

  1. The birds chirping – 00:03
  2. The bicycle bell – 00:05
  3. The sound effects on the shawl – 00:21
  4. The effect on the crumbling woman- 00:31
  5. The elevator bell ‘ding’- 00:37
  6. The musical effect – 01:05
  7. The musical effect- 01:26
  8. The sound of a photograph taken- 01:32
  9. The heartbeat and the music thereafter- 01:43 to 01:57
  10. The spear like sound- 02:04
  11. The various salon equipments throughout the ‘Salon’ montage- 02:28 to 02:36
  12. The sound of a photograph taken- 03:04
  13. The construction Montage- 03:28
  14. The elevator bell ‘ding’- 03:45

Here is a list of sounds that might have been recorded either on location or in a studio with a foley artist and their corresponding time of occurrence in the video:

  1. The Car whiffing past- 00:16
  2. The foley of the hand banging on a desk- 00:33
  3. The foley of ‘stopping of a cassette’- 00:32
  4. The book put down on the desk- 00:41
  5. The prayer in the mosque- 00:42 to 01:04
  6. The sound of her typing- 00:56
  7. The birds Chirping- 01:15
  8. The foley on the paper- 02:15
  9. The foley on the 50 dinar note and the coins- 02:57 to 03:00
  10. The foley on the cigarette and the ash tray- 03:02 to 03:07
  11. Page turn- 03:14
  12. Phone being shut- 03:55

Apart from this, all dialogue and narrative sound seem to be recorded on location and if there were any that required modification they would have had to do an ADR on them.

So, as we can see, most sounds seem like a combination of sounds procured and recorded at different stages of the production. The reason they work well is because they are layered with the image and one and other very well.

The Edit and Layering

The sound mix as an overall seems to work very well in balance. With the range of sounds that seem to have been sourced and recorded, the possible way in which they would have layered them is by having dialogues on top followed by character sounds, Music followed by foley which is further followed by the many sound effects we hear.

However, what makes it effective is the convincing balance of all these sounds with the msuic and dialogue. Hence, credit must be given to the edit and the sound mix as they not only succeeded in engaging our ears, they also successfully recreate the world they tried to potray on screen. Bringing out different shades of modern-day Jordan in the sound design must have taken quite a bit of work. Nevertheless all that effort seems to have worked thanks to a brilliant sound-mix.

The sound progression through transitions and effects and them being respectively overlaid on one and another without any interruption signifies the success of the edit. Most sounds recorded and sourced (as represented above) seem to collaborate very well with other elements in the sound design and in turn compliment them.


In all, this three and a half minute excerpt from ‘Forbidden Lies’ works well in effectively telling the story. The Layering of the sounds, the effects and the sound-mix as a whole seems to compliment the video and thereby makes for a good watch.



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