Digital Story Proposal: Peer Review

End Game

Aside from the fact that this was the first ever presentation for the day, ‘End Game’ seemed ambitious right from the get go in terms of scale and scope. This is a very positive trait while working on something as a group, where you find your collaborators keen on experimenting and  unafraid of failure. However, the presentation itself was a little ambiguous and broad in general.

Their Social Media strategy followed a clear colour palette/scheme that helped in making their posts easily recognisable, specially their website. I have also been a follower of their ‘Facebook’ page which seems to engage with their followers on a regular basis, through various snippets of the making, the editing in progress, etc. In fact their Facebook page was the one that helped us gain direction in how we wanted to engage and promote our material on our respective social media pages. But, their website and other social media platforms are not to be found syndicated on their Facebook page and that makes it a little harder to locate them on the vast landscape of social media.

However, their presentation of the rough cut in class made it slightly difficult for me to wrap my head around the content they were trying to put out. In simpler words, the ‘cultural diversity’ element in theirs was not coming through in the 40 second odd rough cut they had played as part of their presentation.

Also, having worked on the shoot as an additional crew member, I could vouch for a fact that they could have done better in the planning and execution departments on shoot day to achieve better results. To where they were when they shot the film as a team, to where they are now, they seemed to have grown leaps and bounds. In all, this was an interesting project that runs the potential of being undone by the sheer scope of ambition. Regardless, kudos to the team for attempting such an interesting and ambitious idea.

That’s not the Case

This is one presentation I thoroughly enjoyed. And again, I played a small part in this project as an actor and got to see first hand how this project shaped from scratch. I had the opportunity of seeing a snippet of how Ting and Yuang were going to treat this before heading into shoot and it seemed like a project that was simple, quirky, achievable and yet innovative. To have worked in the ‘cultural diversity’ angle through a silent film narrative of how a Chinese girl interacts with her peers in a foreign environment was a very effective idea to deal with the premise. Also, speeding up motion, using the right B&W filter and the right soundtrack, all aided the film and made it a pleasurable viewing experience.

Also, drawing inspiration from the likes of Charlie Chaplin to give their product a definitive look was the real clincher. It helps us connect with the tone of the film and thereby makes for a pleasant watch. Also, the design on their website, where they have maintained a constant black and white theme aids their brand as a whole. There seems to have been a lot of work in detailing how they wanted each segment to look, as seen represented on their ‘The Story’ page on their website.

However, their Social Media presence was not as active as the previous group’s which made it a little more harder for me to gain access to them. In fact, not until the presentation did I know that they were on social media. Maybe a more frequent engagement technique and invites on each platform would really help spread the word on their film.

Overall, this was a film that kept things simple and stuck to the premise of cultural diversity and delivered it in a unique way. It is time for them to spread the awareness about their film on social media. Regardless, enjoyed being a part of both their film and their presentation.

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