Assessment 3- Reflective Practice Presentation

Understanding Narrative Structure in ‘The Social Network’ “In every character, the relation is clear: Zuckerberg is Othello; brilliant but confused and ultimately victim of his own jealousy. Saverin is Desdemona; innocent and pure, but steadfastly blind to Othello’s fury. And, most obviously, Sean Parker is Iago; power hungry and ambitious; determined to manipulate Othello to … More Assessment 3- Reflective Practice Presentation

Preparation & Execution of Assessment Pitch Presentation for ‘Arranged’

This post shall analyse the choices behind the making of the pitch proposal for the pilot episode of ‘Arranged’. It aims to act as a document that shall give you a clear indication of how this project shaped through the different stages to become a proposal. Preparation Ideally, the web-series remained fitted into a more … More Preparation & Execution of Assessment Pitch Presentation for ‘Arranged’

Interactive & Immersive Narratives (As Presented in Week 5)

The week 5 Tuesday presentation saw me presenting with my group. While most of the topics within the presentation remained irrelevant to what I wanted to achieve through my proposal, I still had a few takeaways from studying Interactive and Immersive narrative concepts. Introduction “Just as storytellers of old made what, when and how much … More Interactive & Immersive Narratives (As Presented in Week 5)

Understanding Database Narratives (Week 4 Tuesday Presentation)

In retrospect, the week 4 presentation got me thinking about a platform for distribution using database narratives as a model. More on how this week’s presentation helped and aided my idea is as follows: Introduction The idea of a ‘Database Narrative’ as one that constitutes the following three categories further intrigues my exploration into the … More Understanding Database Narratives (Week 4 Tuesday Presentation)

Narrative Structure (Week 3 Tuesday Presentation)

I seek to explore what worked and what didn’t in light of the presentation titled: ‘Narrative Structure’ as presented in the Tuesday class earlier in week 3. This post shall focus on how the presentation helped in me developing my proposal idea. Introduction To start off with, the presenters established and explained basic concepts around … More Narrative Structure (Week 3 Tuesday Presentation)

Understanding the Narrative structure in ‘The Social Network’ (Blog 1)

Intro With one eye at developing my idea for a pilot episode of a web-series, I consider the film ‘The Social Network’ to be a seminal work of influence and inspiration. The idea of using non-linear narrative, casting, technical/acting performance and pacing to its best effect, the film stands tall as a remarkable piece of … More Understanding the Narrative structure in ‘The Social Network’ (Blog 1)

Color Grade: Prompt #5

Introduction Keeping with the learning and a little research, the following images will show you a range of colour corrected frames along with their original. Arguments supporting the reasons behind the choice of colour, tone and texture can also be found alongside these images which should substantiate the need for channelling the images in the … More Color Grade: Prompt #5

Introduction to Documentary: Prompt #1

Participatory Mode Participatory Documentary is a strand within the documentary genre that pegs my interest mainly because it enables the filmmaker to become a ‘social character’. Borrowing from the reading, one of the hallmark traits of participatory documentaries is how this mode enables the filmmaker to engage with the subject as one of us. This … More Introduction to Documentary: Prompt #1